Artist Collaboration

Artist Collaboration

If you are interested in collaborating with Hayden to see your artwork on a keep cup and make some sweet commission $$ here is how it works. 

What ill need from you:

  1. send me your logo in any file type (jpg, pdf, png, etc.). we will work out the best way to size and place the logo. It usually works best on the bottom of the cup. The logo stamp is usually done on a 3x3 stamp and is $20
  2. Your art, design, illustration or calligraphy for the cup can be a single image or up to 6 seperate images placed around the cup. The cost for each stamp is $20-$60 depending on size of stamp you would like. 
  3. Images can be sent to
  4. you can pay for the stamps up front or the cost can be taken out of your commission payments so there is no cost for you. 
  5. The image files can be any size. They get resized to fit the stamp you would like. 
  6. your design/ illustration can be a  simple line drawing or something more elaborate. complex images are still possible to make a stamp from. 

Stamp sizes can be

  • 3x3 cm $20
  • 4x4 cm $30
  • 5x5 cm $40
  • 6x6 cm. $50

I will:

  • put my logo and a ‘Hayden Youlley’ stamp will be on the bottom of the cup. 
  • I’ll turn the drawings into stamps.
  • I’ll hand make all the cups and stamp all the cups with your design to your specifications. 


Colour Options

  • The artist may choose between rainbow or black underglaze inlay into the artwork. The colours and how to finish the image will be agreed upon by the artist. 
  • The cups can be glazed on the outside or matte finish on the outside and glaze on the inside. 
  • there is also the option for coloured slip in the following colours cobalt blue, deep teal, stone, pink, peach.

There will be a $10 aud commission to the artist per retail cup sold.
There will be a a $5 aud commission to the artist for each wholesale cup sold.

I’ll promote the cups and your brand. I’ll sell the cups online and in markets. if you agree I will offer them out to my stockists. 


I would ask that you promote them on social media as well. 

Ill send the first cup made to the artist free of charge as a prototype and to proof. you get to keep this one.

I ask in return that when you use it and you get asked about it at cafes (and you will, i do all the time) please let them know you illustrated it and I hand make them. 

If you want to sell the cups as well on your website or through markets I can wholesale them to you. Im also happy to wholesale them to you stockists.
I will wholesale them to you for $24 per cup (there will be no commission paid on cups you purchase wholesale. You will keep all the profit you get from selling these ones)
If I wholesale them to your stockists they will pay $29 per cup and you will get your $5 commission.
Cups will retail for $51 each

Finally I consider the stamps to be your intellectual property. I will not use them for anything you have not given me permission to do. If you would ever like your stamps I am happy to give them to you. 

Please get in contact with me at  to apply or if you have any questions.