Ceramic Pasta Bowl - Paper Red Rim

Ceramic Pasta Bowl - Paper Red Rim

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  • Dimension: 230 mm x 55 mm
  • Weight Approx :
  • Material: Imperial translucent porcelain

Production Method

  • All pasta bowls are hand made by Hayden in his Marrickville studio.
  • They are slip cast in Imperial porcelain clay. Slip is a form of clay that is liquid. Porcelain is a  very refined, slightly off-white, translucent clay.
  • They are cast to a specific thickness that is a balance between elegant and suitable for Practical everyday use.
  • They are fired in a kiln to 1280℃.
  • They are glazed on the interior
  • All bowls are made to order and there is a 2 week minimum lead time.


  • The flared and shallower shaped bowl is perfect for eating all main meal sized pasta dishes, salads, curries and stir fries.
  • Each pasta bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe.
  • They easily stack in all dishwashers.
  • The high firing temperature causes the exterior to be vitrified porcelain, making it extremely durable and giving it an extremely low water absorption rate of less than 0.5%
  • The interior glazing gives strength to each piece and allows for easy cleaning
  • They are as impressive for a dinner party and they are rewarding to use everyday for you breakfast.


  • The pasta bowls come in classic white or with a hand painted coloured rim in either yellow, orange, red, apple green, turquoise and deep blue.
  • The coloured rims create a more playful dinner set, while still remaining minimal, modern, refined and elegant.
  • The classic white is an elegant and subtle set of fine porcelain dinnerware.
  • They have a tactile creased Paper design embed into the outer surface of the pasta bowls. This is unique to the Paper range
  • all pasta bowls have an irregular handmade quality that pairs well with modern cooking and will present your dishes in the best possible light.
  • The Paper pasta bowls look great in almost all interior design styles.
  • They match a modern aesthetic very well.
  • The white porcelain looks stunning on mid colour to dark timber furniture.
  • The glazed interior sets a lovely contrasts to the matte exterior finish. The clear glaze catches the eye with its beautiful high gloss and light reflective characteristic.

      Clear glaze is applied only to the interior of each piece leaving the exterior with a vitrified surface that will gradually become smoother with use and age. Hayden Youlley Design use porcelain that is microwave, dishwasher and food safe. It is ideal for domestic and commercial use at the table and in the kitchen. All Pieces of Hayden Youlley Design ceramics are hand made and any irregularities in shape are part of the process and should be enjoyed and embraced. Please treat all pieces with respect and care and they will continue to serve you well time and time again.

      The exterior vitrified surface will repel most stains but please note that coffee will stain the exterior surface and over time the interior glazed surface as well. If you find normal washing does not remove a stain then Jif cleaning cream is recommended.